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Nick DJ
Jul 11, 2021
In Gratitude
Today, if you are reading this, you are alive. You have a human body. Lungs, heart, mind— and with them the ability to perceive the physical world around you. Perception oftentimes varies from moment to moment, experience to experience. Some days we feel naturally more energetic, some days sluggish and withdrawn. Each of life’s experiences collectively make up who we are, what we desire, how we feel, and how we blossom. Oftentimes we aren’t in control of exactly where we are, what’s around us, or what others are doing as we come into contact with them. With some intentional work, something you can consciously control is how you internally process what you see, hear and experience. For me, it’s become a living lens through which I operate in the world. In practical words, I believe being grateful in every waking moment can be made possible simply by remembering the fact that you’re physically alive at all. I believe human connection, and my ability to practice empathetic projection through compassionate operation as a human being is my reason, if there ever was one, for being alive on this planet and in this human body. I’m thankful for every moment of kindness I’ve ever experienced from anyone—and I’m thankful my beautiful girlfriend Kathryn has tasked herself with creating a platform to share this message, and for creating a community of those dedicated to dispelling the misery of the world through the practices of love, kindness and gratitude—brought out from the strength and grace within each respective person’s consciousness.

Nick DJ

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